What are people saying about Platinum Performing Arts?



"The Entire Team at PPA are Outstanding - Each and everyone of them are extremely passionate and this reflects in how they Nurture, Encourage and Develop each and every child who is part of the PPA family. They put in so much hard work to put on amazing performance and I can’t thank them enough for helping building my son's self confidence!"




"The end of year show was AMAZING! The school has come such a long way in a short space of time! Big thanks to all the staff who work tirelessly all year round to provide our children with such high quality training - you guys rock! My son loves being a part of Platinum Performing Arts school! Keep up the good work everyone."


"Well what can I say? Apart from the fact that my daughter who has been there for 10 years has now flourished from a VERY shy little girl to a confident young lady. Performing and competing on stages that some people can only dream about. From The Millfield to the The Hackney Empire and from the 02 to Wembley. Platinum Performing Arts have not only given her confidence but it has also given her friends for life, amazing teachers, exciting opportunities. The talent that has so far come out of Platinum and gone on to major dance schools is not only fantastic but exciting and inspirational for the young kids coming through. I now have the privilege of watching my daughter perform annually in Platinum Urban Pantomimes that are better than some West End Shows and their end of year shows in July that get better and better every year. The fact that she prefers being with her Platinum family than at home - says it all."


"As a parent of a fame hungry Platinum student, life is never boring. I’ve watched my child grow from a quiet, reserved, tiny six year old, into a young woman with the world at her feet and Platinum wings on her back to take her wherever she wants to go. She has made lifelong friends, both young and old, that have touched her heart and will remain there forever. Platinum Performing Arts is one big extended family, that looks out for each other, has faith in each other, and loves one another."



"Our daughters joined Platinum in January 2016 and from the day of their trial became part of an extended family & haven’t looked back! We moved the girls from another dance school as they became quite unsettled, causing them to stop participating in their lessons, lose confidence and their enthusiasm for performing. The team at Platinum have reignited their passion and they look forward to every lesson. I’d also like Platinum to be acknowledged for their inclusivity, they successfully supported our eldest daughter through a very difficult time where she had severely reduced hearing. Their acceptance and understanding enabled her to achieve outstanding grades in her dance exams."


"I’ve been at Platinum now for about three and a half years and I honestly can say that I have developed ever so much. It was all a journey for me: starting on a Saturday knowing nobody, gradually making friends, going to all Platinum events, attending all sessions, making the most out of them, eventually taking more classes, auditioning for troop and the pantomime which all even more unexpectedly lead me to winning the achievement award. Being around so many talented people in Platinum really pushed me to want to be the best that I can be, and has eventually got me where I am today at the BRIT School. The pressures of wanting to succeed do really build up and it’s easy to get lazy and complacent but when you’re in an environment like Platinum where everybody wants to perform you just have to keep striving. It is inevitably hard work but Platinum has given me both the confidence and platform to do me and really be the risk taker and challenger that I aim to be. I am truly grateful and will continue to keep working and pushing through this learning process. Now turning 18 I am applying for different musical theatre courses and looking back I am overwhelmed by how much I have improved to even be in a position where I feel ready to begin applying for courses. I have still got so much growing to do and even as I grow older and start thinking about my future, Platinum have supported my goals and provided me with teacher training, which is a vital attribute to my future. Platinum is most definitely a platform but most importantly a place for training and development and one can really be exceptional providing you make the most out of your experience."


"I first joined Platinum Performing Arts in 2014 and after the intense training and my first July show, I knew Platinum Performing Arts could offer me the training I needed. My experience here has been phenomenal starting off as a young boy who knew very little about street dance, to someone who has gained the knowledge of Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre, Commercial, Drama, and Singing. From then till now I’ve been part of their amazing pantomimes such as ‘Beauty and The Hulk’ including their end of years shows where you are able to showcase your training you’ve done throughout the year. The PPA family have both supported me and changed me into a performer I never saw myself being."



"We’ve been attending Platinum Performing Arts School for four years. Watching the amazing talent these children have, the commitment that they have and the passion is amazing. It’s not just about dance, it’s about all the other things they learn. It’s learning to be disciplined, to work with a team and be proud and supportive team members. It’s about learning to make and accomplish goals. We are all so proud of our Platinum family, blood or or not, we are family."


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