The Arts is a place for Inclusion

We believe that the arts should be inclusive; regardless of students Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. The Platinum Performing Arts Inclusion Programme is designed to offer three hours of weekly Dance, Drama and Singing lessons to young people with an SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).

Learning for all

Students take part in weekly sessions that are specifically designed to help increase their confidence and self-esteem. Students are able to express themselves, using the arts as a stimulus for enjoyment and learning. Students work as part of a group, providing them with the ability to encourage one-another to develop and learn new skills that link into the performance and entertainment industries, whilst allowing them to build relationships with their peers and promote social interaction.

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A calm, safe & secure environment

We believe in creating a harmonious working environment, where everyone, regardless of their Special Education Needs and Disabilities, is able to flourish into confident and talented individuals. Our Inclusion Programme has been specifically designed to have a calm, safe and secure working and learning environment that has no boundaries to their creative development. Our Staff build positive relationships with students, making them aware that there is always someone there to help and support them - no matter what. 

Time to shine

Theatre is for all. So, all of our Students participate in our End of Year Showcase and Awards Ceremony, where they not only showcase their talents, but also we celebrate the achievements that they have made throughout the Academic Year too. The performance takes place in a Professional Theatre environment - giving students an insight to the industry standard, however, staff are on hand to maintain the calm, safe and secure environment that we endeavour to promote to our Inclusion Programme.

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