Dance & Drama Sessions for Schools

These Dance and Drama sessions are therapeutic use of the body, spoken word and creative story writing using the arts as a source of learning. The creative arts are particularly good for finding a way for children with behaviour, social and learning difficulties to express their emotions. Children with these problems seem to engage positively in this creative process. We work closely with teachers and mentors to create a personalised programme that will encourage the empowerment of the children so they believe  in themselves that they have the POWER TO MAKE A CHANGE in the arrears that they are struggling with.

Aims for the School & Outreach Programme

  • Build self esteem and confidence
  • Empower Self believe
  • Develop communicating skills
  • Encourage working as a team
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Encourage positive thinking

Children’s self esteem can change, and they become more confident. Sometimes finding a voice if they’re being bullied, struggling with school work or are having problems at home. Theses Dance and Drama sessions can also help children learn to manage their emotions. They can process feelings of sadness loss, anger and fear. Real change can happen in terms of children being able to know and express these feelings positively and can improve communication skills, promote positive thinking and the importance of team work.