Platinum Performing Arts' Performing Arts Combo sessions are designed to provide students with a broad range of skills within the key disciplines of performing arts. Sessions take place weekly and students are organised into groups, determined by the age and ability.

Performing Arts Combo sessions provide students with classes in the following areas; Street Dance, Commercial Dance, Drama, Singing, Musical Theatre. Classes are designed to provide a platform for our students to boost their confidence and express themselves through fun, energetic and enjoyable sessions. The ability to provide our students with the opportunity to maximise their skillset and become a 'Triple Threat:' a term used in the industry to describe a performer who is able to Dance, Act and Sing, is specifically important to prepare students who wish to pursue a career into the Performing Arts Industry. 

As with all Platinum Performing Arts classes, sessions are taught by industry professional staff who will work with students to develop both their technical skills as well as their performance skills. All students will also perform in the End of Year Showcase in July, in celebration of achievement and development. 

Our daughters joined Platinum in January 2016 and from the day of their trial became part of an extended family & haven’t looked back! We moved the girls from another school as they became quite unsettled, causing them to stop participating in their lessons, lose confidence and their enthusiasm for performing. The team at Platinum have reignited their passion and they look forward to every lesson. I’d also like Platinum to be acknowledged for their inclusivity, they successfully supported our eldest daughter through a very difficult time where she had severely reduced hearing. Their acceptance and understanding enabled her to achieve outstanding grades in her dance exams.
— Platinum Parent

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Dance (Street / Commercial / Hip Hop)

As part of the curriculum of our Performing Arts Combo classes, students will be taught at least one Street Dance session and one other Dance Style (Commercial or Hip Hop) in their weekly classes. Students will develop skills in technical training and musicality in an expressive art form that builds their confidence and that is designed to nurture existing skills and lead students into experiencing dance as they never have done before. Being specialists in dance, these sessions provide high quality training for all young people. 


Singing + Musical Theatre

Singing and Musical Theatre are both an expressive subject where our students are able to develop singing techniques and performance skills that aims to improve their voice, singing performance, projection, vocal clarity and to also increase self confidence that will prepare them to perform both as a group and a solo artist. Students will also be introduced to technical breathing exercises; learning how to maintain their voice throughout a performance.

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Students will also take part in dedicated Drama lessons, that are also part of their weekly Performing Arts Combo sessions. Our Drama classes are designed to allow students to refine their skills in various aspects of the artistic form. Students will explore skills in acting, script writing, script reading, script learning, directing, improvisation, performance skills, speech and dialect, stage presence and vocal clarity. 


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