Really? Panto Season already?! Oh yes it is!

As most of you are aware, our next Annual Urban Pantomime is, ‘Moana and Her Incredible Friends’. Performances will take place at the Millfield Theatre from the 11-27 January 2019.

Auditions are open exclusively to Platinum Performing Arts students, opening opportunities for our students to experience working in a professional theatre environment. Auditions are a major part of the performance industries; therefore, we hope that our auditions give students an insight to the industry standard.

All auditions are being held on Sunday, 16 Septemberfrom 14:00 onwards. Upon receiving our Auditions letter, you should have received an Audition Pack, including the briefs and scripts for the roles available.

You can apply for your audition here! Please select an option below:


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If you have any problems with making an Application Online, please email