Platinum Performing Arts recently developed the Platinum Dance Syllabus which provides students with the opportunity to gain a qualification in Dance that could assist in career development, future auditions for performances and industry college progression.

Our syllabus is suitable for students who are taking part in dance as a recreational activity or for those who wish to pursue a career as a performer, teacher or choreographer in the industry of performing arts.

There are ten levels to assess the development of students, starting from Pre-Entry level to Gold Advanced.

Platinum Dance Syllabus • Aims + Objectives

  • Provide students with a grading system that allows for a structured progression and development in various genres of dance
  • To improve the ten components of fitness, whilst encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Gain knowledge of various styles of dance
  • Develop technical capability
  • Gain knowledge of dance-specific vocabulary
  • Improve fitness levels
  • Promote expression through music and creativity
  • Improve spatial awareness
  • Develop performance skills
  • Encourage a better sense of rhythm and musicality
  • Increase self-confidence and value of others
  • Improve audition skills

The Platinum Dance Syllabus is a fully endorsed qualification, accredited by EMDP. The qualification is taught to all Platinum Performing Arts Students who are part of our Performing Arts Combo Classes.

If your Dance Organisation would like to offer our Dance Syllabus then please contact us for further information.