This is for the community

We aim to inform, inspire, mobilise and heal our community by providing a sense of purpose for young children, teens and young adults regardless of their abilities, cultures, sexualities or genders.

Platinum Performing Arts, "DPMO" - Hackney Empire, 2014

Platinum Performing Arts, "DPMO" - Hackney Empire, 2014

We explore relevant social issues using community based theatre

Theatre is a way of using dance to bring current social issues to the masses. We tell stories through dance and drama and explore issues from knife and gun crime, teenage pregnancy and effects of social media. This is something that the students feel very strongly about and is very topical currently in the borough and in London. Some of our students know of people in the local area that have died in relation to some of the above issues and we are passionate about spreading the anti knife/gun crime message.

We offer young people a platform to tell their story

It’s not young people that are the problem. The process of becoming an independent adult is an awkward one – for everyone – there are always challenges, conflicts and calamities. Most of us, though we might not realise it, get a lot of help and support. But some of us don’t. And things can get messed up. As a result of family breakdown; high unemployment; educational, financial and social exclusion 80,000 young people in Britain face homelessness every year, without opportunities to thrive, hope, get encouragement, work towards aspirations, and some without a trusted adult in their lives from the day they are born. 

We want to help make a change in our community. But we need your help. We have the Power to Make a Change.

Platinum Performing Arts, "DPMO" - Hackney Empire, 2014

Platinum Performing Arts, "DPMO" - Hackney Empire, 2014


Potential has no limits for our young people

We support our students to receive qualifications within the arts which will help them progress into their career as future performers/artists. Qualifications such as the Arts Award, hold UCAS points which gives our students a step closer to achieving their dreams.

We support our students to gain Higher Education Training through hand-holding at every stage

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A place free of judgement

The arts is a place for inclusion. We provide students with a sense of purpose regardless of their sexualities, disabilities, cultures or genders.

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Our Community Aims and Objectives

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We have the Power to Make a Change