#WeAreEnfield #PowerToMakeAChange

We are truly horrified at the recent events related to knife crime in our local Enfield Borough and all over the country and our hearts go out to all the young people and families who have been affected by them. 

However, we do feel that lately, as a community, the local youths in Enfield have been getting a really negative press. We believe that the comments about how "run down the area is" and "how terrible it is becoming", etc... is not constructive at all. 

As a community, we need to acknowledge and promote some of the amazing things that our young people ARE doing. The majority have chosen to take the right path and will go on to achieve great success. We need to hear more of these stories!


At Platinum Performing Arts, we have supported young people to achieve success and pursue their dreams. Some of our students have successfully gained places into the industry's top Colleges and Universities. Full details about these successes can be found here: www.platinumperformingarts.co.uk/highereducation

Please share a positive local young person's story and let's celebrate how much good is also on in Enfield!

#EnfieldFutureGeneration #WeAreEnfield #PowerToMakeAChange